Maritime Antenna Systems

Our antennas come with the following features:

  • Reliable pointing to the selected satellite
  • Keeps the connection and lock on satellite also in rough seas
  • Userfriendly operator interface
  • Compatible with all common satellite modems in the market place
  • Excellent price/performance ratio

VSAT Antennas

VSAT Antennas are used for bi-directional communication links. Typical applications are:

Depending on the bandwidth and field of application, antenna sizes of 60 cm to 2.4 mtr. are available.

Technical characteristics

Upon request, we take care of the entire installation of your hardware. Our service engineers will plan and implement the installation with you and deploy your services as quickly as possible and to your full satisfaction. Our open system platform allows us to use almost any hardware. We do not work with fixed contract hardware, but are happy to advise you in order to select the best equipment for you.*


If you would like to take over your existing hardware or want to install on your own, we will be at your disposal and check whether all the necessary preconditions exist to connect your equipment with our components.

* We are an authorized distributor and service partner of Intellian and Cobham

VSAT Satellite Servcies for Maritime Antenna Systems (Airtime)