DriveAway Antenna Systems

Our Antennas come with the following features:

  • Minimal weight because of the use of carbon fibre
  • Roof tub cover for full protection of antenna while driving the vehicle
  • 3-axis motor for autopointing to the selected satellite
  • Feed exhange for operation in different frequencey bands
  • Compatible with all market conform satelliten modems

DriveAway Antenna Systems

MediaMobil is authorised Distributor and Service Partner for Gigasat antenna systems. Gigasat manufactures mobile antenna systems for communication applications and TV transmissions (Satellite News Gathering SNG).

DriveAway antennas can be fitted on any vehicle and are also available in a transportable version. They are used for two-way (IP) communications from temporary locations as well as for the transmission of (live) TV programs. Typical applications are:

Depending on bandwidth requirements, operational area and vehicle type we provide antennas ranging from 1 mtr to 2,4 mtr .

Technical characteristics

Upon request, we take care of the entire installation of your hardware. Our service engineers will plan and implement the installation with you and deploy your services as quickly as possible and to your full satisfaction.

Land services for DriveAway Antenna Systems (Airtime)