Research and devlopment

MediaMobil participates in international and national R & D-programs. The primary goal for this is the development of communication services and applications. Through the years MediaMobil has build up a track record with the succesfull commercialisation of R & D-projects.

R&D projects

Research and development projects challenge us to think in new ways, to significantly advance existing technologies and to follow new ideas in order to design the best solutions for our customers. Not only our maritime services but also our Multilink Gateway MLG were a result from the R&D Project Sass@Sea in 2010, which enabled us to grow into the maritime market and to support our customers with many different features ever since.
Through research and development projects, we can offer a variety of reliable, innovative and tailored communication solutions of tomorrow.

Ongoing research and development projects

Rekotrans is an ongoing research and development project of the German Aerospace Center DLR (LuFo Call 2) with the aim of accelerating the accident investigation by real-time transmission of flight recorder data using a satellite system. On the one hand, this should obviate the need of search and recovery of the flight recorders and, on the other hand, provide information on aircraft accidents at an early stage and accelerate their clarification. As part of the project, MediaMobil is developing the software for air-to-ground data transmission with optimized protocols, which enables the transmission of as much data as possible in the shortest possible time in an aircraft accident situation. The software is specially optimized for satellite links with high latency.

Since 2017 we have been working in the R&D Project FERNSAMS (Fully Remotely Controlled Tugboat Concept Including Autonomous Assistance) funded by the BMWi (Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy). The projects objective is to develop a remote-controlled tug to increase safety and efficiency in ship navigation in ports. In this context, MediaMobil is responsible for developing a suitable communication solution that can meet the demanding requirements of the remote control and the assistance system.

Completed research and development projects

The project Com4Offshore, funded by the ESA (European Space Agency), was recently completed with the goal of developing a cloud-based and interactive communication and monitoring solution for the construction and operation phase of offshore wind farms. As part of the project, MediaMobil has implemented satellite solutions for offshore construction vessels as well as various value-added services for the communication between ships in the offshore sector and the remote stations on land.
We are pleased that OHB Digital Maritime Services has been founded from this R&D project. A one stop shop provider for the communication and monitoring solution for the Offshore Wind Park 2.0.

Satellite based System and Services for Broadband Applications at Sea

Satellite Based Alarm and Surveillance System

Enhanced Information Services for the Exchange of Multimedia Information between Port Areas

Satellite UMTS Multimedia Trials over Integrated Testbeds

Inter-Trial Testbed of Mobile Applications for Broadband Communications

Satellite Integrated Services for the Year 2000