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Maritime Satellite Solutions

Tired of bad connectivity at Sea? Our solutions stand for professional and reliable connectivity
for ships combined with high quality service.

Systems Services

Fixed Satellite Solutions

Do you need to connect to your global corporate network on remote or under serviced locations? With our flexible communication services we will find a suitable solution for you.

Systems Services

DriveAway Solutions

For a connection at constantly changing sites, mobile satellite antennas on your vehicle and our satellite service enable you to use internet access, telephony, VPN and other applications.

Systems Services

FlyAway Solutions

Our fast deployment satellite communication solution! Just take your communications with you! Our small and ultra light antennas can be taken along in vehicles or airplanes. Once at location, they can be deployed fast and easy, providing you with instand broadband internet access.

Systems Services

WLAN Solutions

For special customer requirements, we provide wireless communications for short and mid range distances with WLAN systems using our own firmware and special lightweight and robust hardware for use in the field.


Point-to-Point Radio Solutions

We provide wireless communications solutions for mid range and long range distances using special radio technologies and autopointing antenna equipment, as for use on vehicles.