Com4Anyplace Group

Multiple sites of your organisation can be served in a Closed User Group (CUG). The satellite bandwidth can be used by individual sites as shared in the CUG. A minimum guaranteed bandwidth can be allocated to every vessel e.g. to ensure basic services like voice. The total bandwidth in the CUG is always guaranteed and exclusive for the group.

Different sites can get the same or different priorities in the access to the bandwidth. The main advantage of the CUG service is dat the total bandwidth is guaranteed for mulitple sites in the group. The bandwidth is not shared with any user outside the group.

Quality of Service

Prioritization of different applications (e.g. business and private)

CIR: allocation of dedicated bandwidth

  • over different critical applications
  • over different User Groups on one or multiple sites and locations.
  • verteilt auf mehrere Standorte oder Standortgruppen

Bandwidth optimization

  • TCP/IP acceleration
  • Automatic data compression
  • Store & Forward Data Transfer (Transmission of larger and non-time critical data in off-peak hours)
  • Multicast transmission. Parallel transmission from data or files (e.g. software updates) to multiple locations.

Optional Internet Access control to avoid unauthorised use

Backup solution when VSAT connection breaks down with transparent switching of the connection.

Service characteristics