Com4Sea Fleet

Multiple vessels from a shipping company can be served in a Closed User Group (CUG). The provided bandwidth can be used as a group by the individual vessels in the CUG. A minimum guaranteed bandwidth can be allocated to every vessel e.g. to ensure the basic services like voice. The total bandwidth in the CUG is always guaranteed and exclusive for the fleet.

Quality of Service

Prioritisation of different applications (e.g. business and private)

Committed Information Rate (CIR)

  • CIR on application level (bandwidth on demand)
  • CIR on vessel level
  • CIR on fleet level (see Closed User Group)

Bandwidth optimization

  • TCP/IP acceleration
  • Data compression
  • Store & Forward Data Transfer (Transmission of larger and non-time critical data in off-peak hours)
  • Multicast transmission (Parallel transmission from data or files (e.g. Sea charts Update) to multiple locations / vessels)

Optional Internet Access control to avoid unauthorised use

Intelligent Beam Switching

  • Vessel position,
  • Direction
  • superstructure blockage for antenna
  • Signal quality

Transparent switching to alternative communication paths

Service characteristics

(Depending on antenna size higher bandwidth services are possible)