Satellite Services

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Maritime Services VSAT Services Occasional Use Services

Martime VSAT Services

Reliable communications with your vessels with Com4Sea Service .

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VSAT Services

Our Com4Anyplace Services enables you to communicate from every location worldwide.

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Occasional Use Services

Temporary satellite services

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High quality of service

As teleport operator we have full control over your connections and can respond to your individual service requests and adjustments incomplex and at any time.
Advanced mechanisms such as bandwidth allocation on application or user group level, prioritization of applications and throughput optimization ensure the highest possible quality of communication and user experience.

Flexible Service Solutions

We develop our contracts, services and system solutions exactly to your needs. Up- and downgrades of the contractual bandwidth are possible at any time during ongoing contracts.
You can also suspend the contract and adjust your costs to you order situation.

Services with many benefits for you

Benefit from guaranteed bandwidths (CIR) and real flat rates without limits in data volume, throttling, without fair-use policy and contention ratio.
With our value added services tailored to your needs, we support you and your crew and optimize your business applications so you can save costs and time.

Cost-Efficient Services

Benefit from lower service costs, which we achieve through the use of bandwidth with unlimited upload and download volumes and the parallel transmission of data within the fleet (multicast function).


Our open system platform allows us to use almost any hardware. We do not work with fixed contract hardware, but are happy to advise you in order to select the best equipment for you.
If desired we take care of the whole installation process of your hardware.
If you would like to take over your existing hardware or want to install on your own, we will be at your disposal and check whether all the necessary preconditions exist to connect your equipment with our components.

* We are an authorized distributor and service partner of Intellian and Cobham

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