Fixed VSAT Antennas

Our antennas come with the following features:

  • Eutelsat oder Intelsat Type approval for recieve/transmit operation (Rx/Tx)
  • Class II or Class III Feed fitting for heavier amplifier (BUC)
  • Manual antenna pointing or motorised for autopointing to satellite
  • Complete sets including amplifier (BUC), LNB and Satellite modem
  • Comes with complete cable set also for grounding and lightning protection

Fixed VSAT Antennas

VSAT antennas werden are deployed from fixed locations fro two-way satellite connections. Typical applications are:

Depending on the bandwidth requirements we have antennas available from 60 cm up to 2,4 mtr

Technical characteristics

VSAT satellite services for fixed antenna systems (Airtime)

Our F-series antenna types

More informationen on our different antenna types in the following data sheets:

F-75 Type 755Tx F-96 Type 960 F-120 Type 123 F-180 Type 183 F-240 Type 243