Research and devlopment

MediaMobil participates in international and national R & D-programs. The primary goal for this is the development of communication services and applications. Through the years MediaMobil has build up a track record with the succesfull commercialisation of R & D-projects.

R&D projects

Participation includes all technical tasks, assessment of user requirements, design of system specifications, development of hard- and software, validation of the developed hard- and software through testbank and field testing. The following reference projects were successfully completed under ESA ARTES, EU ACTS, EU IST, TEN-TELECOM and national R & D-programs:

Interactive communication and monitoring system for offshore wind energy

Satellite based System and Services for Broadband Applications at Sea

Satellite Based Alarm and Surveillance System

Enhanced Information Services for the Exchange of Multimedia Information between Port Areas

Satellite UMTS Multimedia Trials over Integrated Testbeds

Inter-Trial Testbed of Mobile Applications for Broadband Communications

Satellite Integrated Services for the Year 2000