Offshore market

Most offshore windparks before the German North Sea and East Sea shore are located in open sea more then 100 sea miles from land. During the construction phase several hundred laborers are working at sea from several vessels and platforms: installation vessels, tugs, supply vessels, cable ships etc. All vessels have to communicate and exchange information with their landbased offcies to co-ordinate the ongoing work and secure that all activities are executed according to plan.

Offshore communications service

Because of the limited availability of communication networks, in particular during the first building phase of the windparks, and also because of the poor quality (small, fluctuating and not reliable bandwidth) and relative high costs of the connections, data communications between all actors currently is kept to a minimum. The need for communication and data transfer e.g. for the exchange of daily reports, work permits, weather forecasts, accident reports and other information however is very high. With the construction work there is also an increasing demand for realtime transmission of sensor data, log-files, counter measures, usage data, and other status data for the automated monitoring, problem analysis and documentation of activities and processes on the construction site. This can generate a datavolume a couple of 100 MByte or even several GByte per day.

MediaMobil provides wind park companies with reliable and high quality connectivity at the offshore construction site in open sea to guarantee the required information exchange:

In special situations or emergency situations landbased specialist can take remote control over systems on board vessels or platforms, giving them higher priority and bandwidth in the network.

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