Maritime market

Shipping is a tough business. Shipping companies therefor have to optimize their fleet management processes and control their operational costs.
It is more and more mportant therefor to have an up to date the information exchange between vessels and the shipping company.

Maritime market

The use of business applications like ERP both at the shipping companies office on land as on board of the vessels is continuously growing. The performance and efficiency of these applications depends very much on how up to date the information is that is exchanged between on-board and landbased systems. VSAT-systems offer the required „always-on“ connections. A high throughput allow the virtual integration of all vessels in the shipping company's intranet. The vessel management requires a stable communications system that can also be used by the crew to maintain their social contacts with family and friends via the internet.

MediaMobil supports shipping companies with maritime VSAT services for an efficient performance of the following applications:

Database Synchronization

Synchronization in real time for Planned Maintenance Systems (processing of maintenance data), automation systems (analysis of the machine), purchasing system (processing and management of orders, e.g. spare parts), reporting systems (preparation and exchange of reports)

Server Synchronization

The software which is installed on the servers on board of the vessels, and the software at the office of the shipping companies are mostly identical. In order to use the same software versions (installation of new software or updates), the servers on the vessels and the servers in the office of the shipping company have to be synchronized. However, this requires the transfer of large files. The potential data volume can be several gigabytes per vessel per month. Such data volumes cannot be transferred with the currently available satellite services due to the low bandwidth and high costs.

File Transfer

For regular file transfer of information for the daily vessel operation (often transmitted as an E-mail attachment) like:

  • Travel information e.g. Scans of documents, certificates, etc.
  • Electronic sea charts
  • Update of routing and weather data

Remote Access

Remote Access to provide technical support from land in case of emergency or to resolve IT and software problems.


Private Internet Access for Crew

Maritime offering:

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